Bedded Geist


Stevie Hanley’s MFA Show

Hanley MFA

Artist Statement:  If height is power, what is baseness? What happens when the shameful (standing in the corner) and religious (Orthodox Icon, Islamic Prayer Corners) charge of the corner is explored pictorially in drawings that bend—queer—the conventional picture plane into this strange architectural space? Architecture’s relation to affect has long been of concern of my practice. In graduate school, it was important for me to explore this relation fully in the round, almost entirely leaving drawing. While gaining much, a specificity of tone and meaning tied up in the work of representation, in an illusory pointing of things beyond, was lost. Recently I have returned to representational drawing, where a specificity of tone and meaning I feel is to be mined.  I aim to create moments of productive confusion of a particular emotional tenor, by placing an illustration of a spider, jewel-like intricacy of a creature that enacts primordial fear, aside a wooden stake rising out of Jell-O placed, stabbing the air, next to a photographic print or a mattress or airplane window. The game now is, how can roles of seemingly disparate difference played up to an emphatic degree, still speak to a cohesive and pointed script? There are number of models to look towards besides the conventional notion of the series, the slight alterations of essentially one work. One need look no further than theater, the kitchen, or various religious cults’s multi-faceted historical employment of art. From this history, I am carving out some solid ground to hold.

Perverted Living

Perverted Living is an exhibition that plays with the notions of baseness, sensuality and subjugated senses within the framework of contemporary lifestyle choices. The boundaries of the sensorial hierarchy will be overturned, allowing for a synesthetic bleeding, a heterarchy of perverse sensuality.  Elevating Camp artifice and celebrating domestic perversion, from Hanley’s Jell-O banquet served on a used mattress to Raeder’s pornographic sitting room and freshly baked inedible delights. Perverted Living takes your hetero/homonormative sensibilities and feeds them through a meatgrinder.

Stevie Hanley